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Inception ... First in the Ops Populi Series
A Political Thriller
Like No Other!



It started with a lecture. In a small Maine town, college professor and Army National Guard officer Sean May delivered his impassioned remarks to a group that included Martin Lochridge, a patriot and retired billionaire, who was searching in earnest for a way to leave a lasting legacy, to make a measurable and far-reaching impact with his fortune.

Fast-forward ten years. Major May, while serving his third active-duty tour in the Iraq war, is injured in an insurgent rocket attack in Baghdad, and evacuated to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. Frustrated by his inadequate treatment and angered by the poor conditions he observes, he walks away. Out on the cold, unforgiving streets of the capital city, with little money and still suffering the effects of a head injury that has robbed him of most of his memory, May carries with him a device, which, unbeknownst to him, holds damning evidence of a crime ring involving ruthless government contractors and persons occupying the highest offices in the nation. When Virginia Burress reluctantly offers to help the hungry and homeless vet, she becomes entangled in May's plight, as together they become prey in a desperate hunt by persons who will stop at nothing to protect their power, prestige and wealth.

But Martin Lochridge and his secret guild have other plans for May - plans that could forever change the United States of America, perhaps alter the destiny of the entire world. First, though, he must extricate May and his unwitting companion from their perilous quagmire.

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