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"An absorbing novel of political intrigue and patriotism"

By Midwest Book Review

What some people give for their country is life changing. "Inception" tells the success story of retired billionaire and army officer Sean May. When an injury in Iraq sends him on a spiral onto the streets poor and destitute, his only chance for happiness may be one caring woman and a piece of evidence that could damn several corrupt individuals higher up. "Inception" is an absorbing novel of political intrigue and patriotism.

"... a fast paced, entertaining and craftily woven political thriller"


Ops Populi Inception by author Mike Lieber is a fast paced, entertaining and craftily woven political thriller. With many subplots the author tells the story of power and patriotism. The characters and dialogue are set the stage for a first rate novel that will have every reader begging for a sequel.

In a recent interview the author says, ""Inception" tells the story of billionaire philanthropist, Martin Lochridge, who believes the best legacy he can leave humanity is a United States of America that truly fulfills the ideals of the Founding Fathers. To accomplish this, he and the group of his creation, "Ops Populi" (meaning "power to the people"), believe government must be reformed at its most fundamental level: the constitution that created our republic. The Framers ensured that the American people retained sovereign power, so it is the sovereign citizens of the country who must assert their supremacy to wrest control from the elite. "Inception" begins the epochal transition to the next great phase of America's evolution."

Ops Populi Inception is great storytelling. It won't be long before Hollywood and this author turn this novel into a first rate feature film. Buy Ops Populi Inception by author Mike Lieber today for the perfect summer read!

"A real page-turner"

By Richard L. Wight

"Inception" is a real page-turner. Multiple sub-plots deftly interwoven. Mike Lieber has obviously done his research. (Having spent time in the Army followed by a career with the Federal Government dealing with military issues, I can vouch for the accuracy of many of the book's details.) I was even motivated to re-read the Constitution after an unpatriotic lapse of many years. There is obviously a sequel coming. I'll try to be first in line.

"Super Debut Novel"

By C. Rogel

A fascinating read, and undoubtedly relevant in today's world. I found this novel to be both highly informative and entertaining at the same time. Ops Populi - Inception is sure to get you thinking and asking yourself 'What if?' It will leave you eager to read more...

"Intelligent and motivational thriller"

By K. Hengy 

Ops Populi:Inception is a timely and compelling book that drew me in from the start. Mike Lieber skillfully details the corruption and gridlock within our political system while ultimately giving us a story of hope. This is an amazing first novel and a confident call to action. Read this book, tell a friend, and let the dialogue begin!

"We all want to change the world"

By Dennis A. Smith 

Thinking about this incredible book, I can hear John Lennon singing in my head "you say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world" .... and that message rings loud and clear from the author in chapter after chapter.

The characters and the action come to life with vivid detail and if your brain doesn't create a Clancy-esque movie that runs in the background as you read, then you have no imagination.

Kudos, Mike ... the subject matter is so timely, and so passionate, your readers are going to want to jump on the Ops-Populi band wagon.

It wouldn't surprise me one little bit if this book isn't the impetus to finally get the rusted wheels turning on
government reform.

"Suspenseful and Intriguing, Great find!"

By Jill Anderson

Ops Populi is a great find. Think Tom Clancy.....fabulous reading. The characters are well developed and the story is suspenseful. Anyone who enjoys Tom Clancy novels should pick up a copy of this book today!

"Fast-paced political thriller"

By H. L. Sheryl

I recommend this book whole-heartedly. It's intelligent and interesting, but fast-paced as well...hard to put down.

The author is clearly passionate about the Constitution, but has found a highly entertaining way to convey that passion. It reads like a thriller, but will inspire you to take action. Buy it and enjoy.

For an in-depth critique of "Inception," check out Michael Presley's review in The Brussels Journal:


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